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Scientific Committee

Eric DignumCasper van ElterenAdam Finnemann
Computational Science Lab
Institute for Advanced Study,
University of Amsterdam
Computational Science Lab,
University of Amsterdam
Psychological Methods,
University of Amsterdam
Jonas HaslbeckKaroline Huth
Psychological Methods,
University of Amsterdam;
Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience,
Maastricht University
Centre for Urban Mental Health &
Department of Psychological Methods,
University of Amsterdam;
Department of Psychiatry,
Amsterdam UMC

Steering Committee

Claire LagesseFurkan GursoyJavier Garcia-Bernardo
University of Burgundy,
University of Houston,
Utrecht University,
Alexandre BovetMatteo CinelliMateusz Wiliński
University of Zurich,
Sapienza University
of Rome, Italy
Los Alamos National
Laboratory, USA

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